Run Off That Candy

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Happy Tuesday everyone! October is here and its time for those yummy, sweet treats all month long. I don't know about you but I already have my candy basket out filled to the top with goodies! I have a serious love for fall and I can't wait for the decor, food, and smells that come along with it. 

I found this adorable workout outfit and it is perfect for this season. It has Fall written all over it. All Fall long I eat and eat, I tend to eat more unhealthy food than healthy food during this time of the year. 

To keep in shape during this spooky season, I am going to run off all the sweets I am eating. I am going to start Emily Jacksons Running Guide ASAP. It is only $25 and I have heard amazing things about it! I will give updates over time about my progress with the running guide on my blog. 

You can find my outfit at your local Target! The sweater is so soft and way comfortable! The whole outfit couldn't get any cuter and is perfect for workouts, running errands and everyday things!


 I hope everyone has an amazing week and starts to enjoy the beauty of the start of cold weather!

See you in the next one!