Gift Guide: Under $50

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Happy holidays my friends! We have passed Thanksgiving and now we are onto Christmas, my favorite holiday! Not only is Christmas my favorite Holiday, but it also happens to be the greatest time of the year. This Christmas is going to be the best one yet! 
I have come up with some super affordable and cute gift items for under $50. These items are perfect for stocking stuffers or just as gifts.
1. Jupiter Candle - $24
    This super cute candle is from Urban Outfitters and screams                  Christmas. You can purchase this candle with a few different scents        and different colors as well. 
2. First Aid Beauty - $48
    Sephora has this awesome skincare kit, it comes with five products        that help with dryness, redness, and dullness. It is perfect for any            person with any type of skin, a perfect gift.
3. Gaiam Something in the Air Kit - $19.99
    What is better than amazing smells but in return something that            makes you feel good! This diffuser is a perfect gift for the holidays. 
4. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs - $15.99 
    This amazing smelling perfume is one that you can't miss out on this      holiday. It is designer and cheap, could it get any better?! This              would be the perfect gift for any lover of great smells!
5. AXE 4-Pc Apollo Set - $9.88
    This 4 piece AXE set for men is a perfect and cheap gift. AXE has          amazing smelling products and men tend to love it!
6. Floral Mug White/Gold - $4.19
    Winter is somewhat cold (lol) and what's better than a cold winter          night with a super cute personalized mug! This is a great gift idea or      stocking stuff idea.
7. Burgundy Pom Beanie - $45
    Love Your Melon beanies are so cute and will keep you warm during      those chilly winter days. They are super great material and have            multiple different colors.
8. Borg Heart Quarter Zip Pullover - $50
    One of my favorite pullovers is exactly $50 and is perfect for the            winter weather! I would highly recommend this stylish pullover to          anyone who is not a cold person. 
9. Steve Madden Sandal - $39.99 (ON SALE for $29.98)
    My most used pair of sandals in my closet is a must buy! They are          an easy slide on sandal and are super stylish and comfortable! 
10. Cravings: Hungry for More by Crissy Teigen - $20.99
     Last but not least for this gift guide, a cookbook. A cookbook               can give someone something to do during their days off for the             holidays!
All of these gifts are very cute gift ideas and would also be perfect as stocking stuffers! I hope you enjoyed this gift guide!
See you in the next one!