Its December and I couldn't be any happier! Trees are lit, lights are up, stocking are hanging and the cool weather (the coolest it can be in California) is finally finding its way!

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I've come to realize that there are so many more important things about Christmas rather than just the presents or food, etc. Growing up, my family would have the same routine every year. Christmas Eve, go to the grandparent's house, Christmas Day, family comes to our home and opens gifts, then that night we would host Christmas dinner, very simple and simply tradition. But over the years, the schedule became such the norm that I never realized how important it all was. During the short few days that we get for winter break, every year, we celebrate Christmas with the whole family in one home. We all eat at one table and share the same meal and it has just come really into focus on how important that truly is and how special these people in my life are!

In my home, my family and I put up two Christmas trees. One of the trees is a tree that has glass, crystal, pretty ornaments on it with a beautifully decorated top of the tree. Our second Christmas tree has homemade ornaments on it with disney characters, school pictures, fancy mirrors and so much more fun! Both of these trees have a purpose, the nicely decorated one is for my mom and she spends her time decorating it to it's most beautiful extent, while the other tree is decorated by my sisters and I.

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