Calico Ghost Town

Thursday, November 15, 2018
Good morning and happy Tuesday! So Halloween has come and gone and it is making me feel a little sad. Halloween and fall time just happens to be my favorite time of the year, everything from the weather to the smells (of candles). Although, I am ready for the Christmas season!
This past weekend my boyfriend, family and some friends took a trip to Calico Ghost Town. It was full of fun, love, and relaxation! What's better than being with the people you love? NOTHING! It is honestly my favorite thing to do and it is something I would never trade up.
 We were able to explore some cool off-roading trails and shoot some guns that we brought along. We got to experience the most amazing sunset and spectacular weather. 
This trip was one to remember and something I will cherish forever. It was perfect quality time with the people I love! To me, there is seriously nothing I adore more than quality time.
I hope everyone has an amazing week and is starting to enjoy the cooler weather!
See you in the next one!