5 Things to do in Las Vegas

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Hi everyone! Spring break came and went so fast! During my Spring break, my family and I decided to go out of town but didn't want to travel to far. We wanted to go somewhere relatively inexpensive as well. We decided upon Las Vegas, Nevada, which has been a destination that my family has visited quite often in previous years, so there are many things we have done. Now, if your anything like me, you would rather do new things every time you leave the house haha. I found five things to do in Las Vegas, that I did, that I have never done, that is somewhat cheap and super fun.  So, here are 5 things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada!
The first thing on my list that we stopped by was the Seven Magic Mountains! It was so colorful and so fun! It is about 10 miles South of Las Vegas, and perfect for all ages! They are seven thirty to thirty-five-foot high totems that are painted and are locally-sourced boulders. It was something I've never seen and loved to see as I am someone who has had many drives to Las Vegas with never seeing this new beautiful art! 
Next on the list of fun is the Fremont Street Experience. Now... I would definitely suggest that if you have children, that you take a trip yourself and get a real feel of what Fremont Street is all about! It is such a fun experience and can be a show in itself! There are fun bands and acts that happen all throughout the street (appropriate and not appropriate)! There are also restaurants, hotels, and bars up and down the street as well! I got a virgin strawberry Daiquiri that was so tasty! This is for sure a fun experience and a great source of entertainment! 
The Sugar Factory!!!! One of the sweetest places in Las Vegas! It is a beautiful lounge to get the sweetest tasting food, drinks, and treats! They have super fun signature drinks that are 36-ounce alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets, all of which are available without alcohol for children. It also is known for their celebrity visits which is quite popular, it also has an adorable gift shop to buy yummy treats and souvenirs. It is such a fun place to dine and I can't wait to go back. 
The 4th stop in Las Vegas was a state park called Valley of Fire State Park​​. It was such a beautiful place with such amazing scenery! It is about 53 miles (1 hour) North of Las Vegas. It is bright red Aztec sandstone, which really brings out the redness in the rocks! There was about a 2-mile hike that is family friendly and that my family took. On the hike, we sat in a shaded area halfway through and ate lunch that we had prepackaged. It was definitely a place that I would go back to and explore more of the beautiful sights, as there were many hiking spot options.
Last but not least on my list of 5 things to do in Las Vegas, we have the
Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat. This exhibit is one of the coolest places for families to go, experience and visit. For the Secret Gardens which contain the lions, tiger, leopards and more have a beautiful walk through where you will get to see all there enclosures and more. At the Dolphin Habitat, they have a feeding time where the dolphins do so many fun tricks, jumps, and flips! I would recommend this venue to anyone looking for something to do that is family friendly and a very cool experience!
I had the best time on my spring break in Las Vegas, Nevada! I hope this gives you some ideas for your next stay in Las Vegas!
See you in the next one!